Voila! Europe Theatre Festival performances take place across three venues in London: The Cockpit in Marylebone; Etcetera Theatre in Camden, and Applecart Arts in Newham. Our festival hub for satellite events will be Theatre Delicatessen’s Broadgate venue in Moorgate.

This page is intended to give you information you may need for your application to the Voila! Europe Theatre Festival. It is not a contract, and we may make adjustments to these details. The venues will formally contract successful applicants in June 2018.

Voila! Europe Theatre Festival is a curated festival. The application form includes questions about what venue you think would be most appropriate for your show. We may offer you another venue depending on where we think your show will have the most success.

All venues will operate a 50/50 split of the net box office receipts, after the 8% ticketing fees. Our box office income estimator (here) is intended to give you a reasonable estimate of your show’s potential income.


THE COCKPIT: Voila! in the Round


Our flagship venue, The Cockpit, has been the home of Voila! Europe since its beginning in 2012. The Cockpit is a Theatre of Ideas. Dysfunctional times need fully-functioning theatre with things to say. A theatre for London of disruptive panache, critique and useful, progressive ideas for the future.

The Cockpit is an ideal venue for performances in the round, shows with large casts, shows requiring high headroom, and companies who have already toured elsewhere in Europe and want to bring their work to London. This might be dance, music, new writing, a play in translation, puppetry, comedy, or performance art.  The Cockpit is a purpose-built, well designed, intimate venue – in a big way. Please let us know why you think the Cockpit is the best venue for your show in your application.

The venue offers: a technician for one 3 hour tech rehearsal & an operator for all performances.

Number of performances: 1, 2, or 3 performances at 7PM or 8:30PM, and daytime performances on weekends.

Configuration Options: This year, the Cockpit is excited to open out to its full capacity as an “in the round” venue, with seats on four sides, for at least part of the festival. We will also consider shows that are not in the round, making use of the Cockpit’s flexible auditorium that offers a deep, thrust space with audience on three sides. It is also possible to present shows more suited to end-on performance but requiring a big, deep playing space for just 120 audience.

Capacity: 220 (in the round) or 160 (thrust) or 120 (end-on or traverse, achieved by seating a restricted number of audience in thrust layout).

Location: Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London, NW8 8EH

Accessibility: This venue can accommodate a maximum of four wheelchair users. Sight-lines and acoustics are excellent.

Good to Know: The Cockpit has a bar and cosy lounge area, as well as rehearsal studios available to hire. The venue is central, a 7-minute walk from Marylebone, in a quiet neighbourhood.


Contact: Full venue information including technical specifications and contact details can be found at  See ‘hire our spaces’ and ‘info’ sections.


APPLECART ARTS: Voila! in Residence  


Applecart Arts will be returning to Voila for their second year, offering each company programmed in the venue as part of the festival, a week-long residency in the building, leading up to the festival. Applecart believes that stories are potent and have the power to change, challenge and strengthen communities.

Applecart is an ideal venue for emerging companies, who are looking for a place to develop and support their work. This might be an ensemble piece, dance, music, new writing, devised theatre, comedy, puppetry, or performance art. Please let us know why you think Applecart is the best venue for your show in your application.

The venue offers: Applecart will endeavour to provide each company with up to one week of free rehearsal space (subject to dates and availability), marketing advice, and a technician for one 3 hour tech rehearsal.  Separate arrangements can be made for companies requiring a sound/lighting operator for performances.

Number of performances:
ONE company will offered a weeklong run (5-6 performances) 
FIVE companies will be offered a 3-performance run

Configuration Options: flexible studio space. There is a small proscenium stage area, but the room is large enough to use the floor as a stage with audience on two, three, or four sides with raked seating as an option.

Capacity: 80 - 110 seats.

Location: 170 Harold Road London E13 0SE.

Accessibility: This venue is wheelchair accessible.

Good to Know: Applecart Arts is a new venue in a residential area of London’s Zone 4. It’s a 9-minute walk from Upton Park tube. There is a small cafe, and the venue is home to local arts companies and charities year-round.


Contact: please direct questions about this venue to FAO Clarissa




The Etcetera Theatre in Camden returns to Voila! Europe Festival this year, offering its intimate, freshly-refurbished 42 seat theatre in the heart of London’s Camden town. The Etcetera is “one of London's best pub theatres” (the Guardian) - and host to a colossal variety of exciting, original, daring, and critically acclaimed shows every year.

The Etcetera is an ideal venue for small-cast shows (1-3 performers) by companies who are ready for a full-week run, or who are looking to try out a new idea for a couple of nights. This might be a play in translation, new writing, stand-up comedy, music, puppetry, or performance art. Please let us know why you think the Etcetera is the best venue for your show in your application.

The venue offers: one technician for a 2-hour technician rehearsal & an operator for all performances. Additional tech rehearsal hours can be booked separately; all prices and options are available here

Number of performances 
TWO companies will be offered a weeklong run (5-6 performances) at 7PM.
(The Etcetera requires a £600 guarantee against box office income from the company for a week-long run. Please see the box income estimator for more details.)

SIX companies will be offered a 2-performance run in the late night slot (9PM) and/or weekend daytimes.

Configuration options: a black box theatre with fixed raked seating facing a stage floor.

Capacity: 42 seats.

Location: 265 Camden High Street (above the Oxford Arms) Camden, London NW1 7BU 

Accessibility: This venue not wheelchair accessible; access to the theatre is upstairs above the pub.

Good to Know: The Etcetera is a black box theatre above a busy Camden pub. Especially on weekends and late evenings, some noise can be heard in the theatre upstairs. Please bear in mind that companies will not have access to the theatre or dressing rooms until 30 minutes before the show (except for companies on a weeklong run), due to multiple performances  programmed per night. The Etcetera is being refurbished this year with a new stage floor, wings and new seating. It’s a 2-minute walk from Camden Town tube.


Contact: please direct questions about this venue to


Please note we are not accepting proposals for performances at this venue. Theatre Delicatessen will be our festival hub for satellite events such as talks, workshops, and parties.


If you’d like to talk to us about a site-specific piece, please email Amy and Sharlit before applying: Although we have not presented site-specific work before at Voila! Europe,  this is something we are considering for the future and we would be glad to hear from you.