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Don't You Dare

Produced and presented by Panta Rei Theatre
Languages: English & Italian
Running time: 60 minutes


An absurd one-woman show combining Commedia dell'Arte, storytelling and satire. It's 1601: an actress is accused of witchcraft because of her astonishing ability to mesmerise her audiences. As her trial unfolds, an entire nation turns against her, hypnotised by fear and propaganda. Sound familiar?

DON'T YOU DARE! draws parallels between the violently oppressive indoctrination of the Catholic Inquisition and the hate speech of contemporary politics, weaving a narrative across centuries of mass hypnosis and vicious attacks on the arts and freedom of expression. Propaganda has always been used – and continues to be used – to demonise the vulnerable. But don’t worry: there is hope…and laughter. Never underestimate the subversive power of laughter!


15th November 19:15 Buy Tickets
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